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Welcome to Beauty Blast where we specialise in the best high-tech anti-ageing devices and products available.
We pride ourselves on being ahead of the game by constantly researching and providing highly effective devices and treatments to actively rejuvenate the face and body.Our devices and treatment serums ship globally from this website, all prices are in US dollars plus freight.

Quick Use

Want to depuff and render yourself ready for your morning video conference call? Instantly refreshed!


It’s a great way to multi-task while binging Netflix because it’s next to noiseless.


With regular use, skin will appear plumper and smoothed.


It gets rid of dead skin cells as well, so your skin is as soft as a babies.

Cold Plasma

Cold Plasma is a revolutionary technology that? is?a?plasma?which is not in thermodynamic equilibrium, because the electron temperature is much hotter than the temperature of heavy species (ions and neutrals). In simple terms cold plasma can rejuvenate the skin without damaging surrounding tissue. It has been used extensively in medicine and surgery around the world but is just beginning to be used by aestheticians, cosmetic doctors and beauty therapists. It is safe and highly effective.

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